Our RPM kit

8” Tablet pre-loaded with the WITHmyDOC App

All Devices Are Bluetooth Enabled

Base Kit

Additional devices


Pulse Oximeter

Measures: SPO2 Level & Heart Rate

Blood Pressure Monitor

Measures: Systolic, Diastolic, and Heart Rate

Body Composition Analysis Scale

Measures: Weight, BMI, Fat Percentage, Bone Weight, Water Weight, Muscle Weight DCI and Visceral Fat Rating

Blood Glucose

Measures: Blood Glucose Levels

Continuous Pulse Oximeter

Measures: SPO2 Level, Heart Rate and User Steps

Continuous Temperature

Measures: Body Temperature

Continuous ECG

Measures: ECG Rhythm, Heart Rate, RR-Interval, and Respiratory Rate

Blood Glucose TRUE METRIX® AIR

Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter