Providing Remote Patient Monitoring Platform to Help Support Telehealth Visits

South Florida Hospital News and Healthcare Report – By Daniel Casciato

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, WITHmyDOC is a digital health company that uses web-based intelligence telehealth platforms for remote patient monitoring (RPM) to transform healthcare. Founded in 2019, the company connects patients or consumers through remote patient monitoring to their care teams while providing a real-time data platform necessary to control symptom and disease progression.

WITHmyDOC recently launched RPM@Home™. Using a web-based intelligence platform to monitor patients and transmit real-time biometric data to healthcare providers, RPM@Home supports chronic care management and telehealth visits by providing real-time data to facilitate proactive intervention. RPM@Home allows healthcare providers to review patients’ biometric data as frequently as needed between office visits, making it easier to detect, diagnose and treat symptoms.

 “Through scalable technology WITHmyDOC works with health systems, physician offices, ACOs and other healthcare organizations that engage in population health and/or chronic conditions management requiring remote patient monitoring,” says Frank Astor, M.D., MBA, FACS, chief medical officer for WITHmyDOC. 

Dr. Frank Astor

Dr. Astor recently joined WITHmyDOC. He says that he was attracted to the company by the character and quality of its executive team—a group of professionals who project expert knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

 “Each team member is a true and proven subject matter expert chosen from the financial, informatics and pharmaceutical industries,” he says. “Our program developers and chief informatics officer come from the science, technology, engineering, cruise ship and entertainment industries.” 

The team is involved in weekly patient-centered discussions to maximize the healthcare platform experience, he notes, adding, “Most of us have Florida roots and deep knowledge of the healthcare and business community locally, yet our scalable platform allows us to think nationally. Indeed, we are doing business in other states,  not just in South Florida.” 

As CMO for the company, Dr. Astor’s role is multifaceted—to become the liaison between the executive team and the patient-consumer-payer-provider environment. He also will be responsible for crafting WITHmyDOC’s clinical strategy and bridging the gap between the patient, the healthcare provider and the technology.

 “I help keep our platform design patient-centered, but also cognizant of population health and value-based requirements that allow our solution to be highly effective in any setting ,” he says. 

WITHmyDOC’s enterprise software telehealth RPM platform was designed by experienced program developers and architects who work continuously to enhance the patient experience.

 “It’s an intuitive platform, visually attractive and driven to help the provider identify care gaps, clinical values and prioritize communication, explains Dr. Astor. “It records physiological metrics and documents interventions with the patient.” 

The company’s short-term goals are simple—to continue adding healthcare systems and practices to its roster of clients as well as to deliver the highest quality platform, that is intuitive and patient-centered. 

Looking ahead, Dr. Astor says that the company is on track to be a national player in the future of virtual health. 

“We will continue to add innovative and significant components to our web-based intelligent platform, as deemed important to enhance the health and quality of life of our stakeholders,” he says.

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