FoundCare Initiates Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Care Management, Choosing WITHmyDOC’s RPM@Home System

FoundCare Initiates Remote Patient Monitoring for Chronic Care Management, Choosing WITHmyDOC’s RPM@Home System

June 30, 2021 – FoundCare, a nonprofit Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) with locations throughout Palm Beach County, Fla., is one of the first FQHCs in the state to implement digital health solutions to improve patient care. FoundCare began using WITHmyDOC’s RPM@Home™ System in February to provide remote patient monitoring (RPM) services to 250 patients with hypertension and diabetes. 

L-R: Luis Lopez-Chief Information Officer, Estefani Belloso-APRN-BC, Jorge Rodriguez -VP of Sales & Marketing, WITHmyDOC, Bernice Shearin- Nurse Manager, Christopher Irizarry-Chief Operations Officer

RPM allows healthcare providers to review patients’ biometric data as frequently as needed between office visits, making it easier to detect, diagnose and treat symptoms.  WITHmyDOC’s RPM@Home System uses a web-based intelligence platform to monitor patients and transmit real-time data to facilitate proactive intervention.

 Utilizing private grant funding to initiate the program, FoundCare is able to provide the highest quality of care incorporating the latest digital technology to its patients, regardless of their ability to pay. Incorporating RPM into chronic disease management of patients with co-morbidities can significantly improve patients’ quality of life by preventing complications.

 “FoundCare is truly a leader in taking this step because inclusive innovation is necessary to expand access to digital health solutions for traditionally underserved populations,” says Richard Rodriguez, CEO of WITHmyDOC. “They had the foresight to make this decision and embark on this effort even before the new American Rescue Plan made funds available to FQHCs nationwide,” he adds.

 “We are happy to have the opportunity to provide our patients with chronic diseases this technology that will improve their health,” Rik Pavlescak, Ph.D., FoundCare’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer explains. “Having the capability to monitor key health indicators remotely helps our providers offer a higher level of service to our patients.” 

“Patient adoption of RPM is clearly the key to more successful patient outcomes. One of the main reasons we selected WITHmyDOC as our RPM partner is their patient adoption philosophy. Their patient specialists provide ongoing training and support to minimize the barriers to patient utilization,” Pavlescak continues.

 About WITHmyDOC

Based in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., WITHmyDOC is a digital health company founded in 2019 that uses a web-based intelligence platform for remote patient monitoring to transform healthcare. We connect patients to their care teams, providing the real-time data needed to control symptom and disease progression. WITHmyDOC partners with health systems, physician practices and healthcare organizations to provide remote patient monitoring that facilitates proactive intervention for chronic care management and to support telehealth visits. For more information visit

About FoundCare

With several locations throughout Palm Beach County, FoundCare, Inc. provides pediatric and adult primary care, women’s health services (including screening mammography), chronic disease management, behavioral health services, dentistry, pharmacy, laboratory services and x-rays. FoundCare accepts most insurance plans and uses a sliding fee scale based on household size and income for those who are not covered by insurance. No one is turned away for inability to pay. 

For more information about FoundCare or to schedule an appointment at one of its locations, please call 561-HEALTHY (561-432-5849) or visit  

COVID-19 Notice - Remote Patient Monitoring and Infection Control

Our sincerest gratitude to all frontline healthcare professionals for their valor and dedication during this pandemic.

Remotely monitoring patient vitals can significantly reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus by minimizing HCP’s exposure to infected patients. Monitoring can be done while the patient is in an isolation unit, a temporary hospital facility or at home. Bluetooth capability allows for continuous monitoring through the WITHmyDOC platform.

Currently available:

  • 24-hour continuous monitoring Temperature Device
  • ECG, Pulse, Respiratory Rate CVD Sticker
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Blood Pressure Monitor Device

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