WITHmyDOC’s Role in Patient Adherence, the Key to RPM Success

Remote patient monitoring is transforming healthcare by providing real-time data to the care team to improve patient outcomes. During the height of the COVID-19 hospitalization crisis, we saw the value of RPM in the ability to treat patients with less severe symptoms in their home, thus freeing up much-needed hospital beds for sicker patients.

On an ongoing basis, the value of RPM is in monitoring patients with comorbidities to manage their symptoms and minimize disease progression. Research has shown that RPM provides a number of patient benefits, including reduced hospital admissions and improved patient satisfaction. In addition to improving the patient’s health, use of RPM also helps reduce healthcare costs. Chronic disease management is a major factor in healthcare costs. Chronic and mental health conditions represent 90 percent of total healthcare spending in the United States.

The real key to RPM success is patient adherence – the extent to which patient behavior aligns with clinical decisions that were mutually decided upon by the patient and provider. The issue of patient compliance and adherence is not unique to RPM. It has been a longstanding challenge in healthcare. Patient compliance in taking medications is a good example. While taking the right drugs on time and in the proper dose may seem like an easy enough expectation, it does not happen with many patients for a variety of reasons.

WITHmyDOC handles patient compliance for you

We take the personal approach. WITHmyDOC’s RN patient specialists work with patients in their home to introduce RPM and follow-up to assure understanding not only on how to use the equipment itself, but on the importance of consistent transmission of their physiological data to the care team for monitoring. Consistent transmission is also important to meet the 16 days of vitals electronic transmission required by CMS for a provider to be able to bill for services.

Our goal is to help the patient welcome RPM as a means to work in partnership with their care team, become engaged in the lifestyle modifications of their treatment plan and realize that they are empowered to manage their own health. We also are cognizant of the important role that caregivers play in patient adherence. Our onboarding process includes educating and training caregivers to help drive adherence.

At WITHmyDOC, we are the patient adherence specialist focused on maximizing the adoption of RPM by patients and removing any barrier to utilization.

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