WITHmyDOC: Telit IoT Connectivity Brings Telehealth to More People

Telit – April 2021 The doctor will see you now — and it’s more likely to be via remote call. In 2018, only 20% of health care providers offered telehealth services. By April 2020, it was more than half. COVID-19’s social distancing is one reason for that increase, but many other benefits drove the trend long before the pandemic. Physicians cite improved patient access to care, improved patient satisfaction and staying connected with […]

RPM Offers New Hope for Patient Compliance and Engagement

MDLife – April 2021 By Samantha Peluso, RN, BSN, Patient & Provider Specialist It’s one of the great frustrations of the medical profession: although patients look to their physicians for expert guidance, they don’t always follow what’s prescribed. Whether it’s inability to adhere to a schedule or lack of confidence that a difference will be made, […]

WITHmyDOC Software Platform Monitors Patients’ Vital Signs from Home

South Florida Hospital News – April 2021 By Lois Thomson “The technology is new, but of course patient care is not new. Modern healthcare demands the accurate measurement and analysis of data relevant to a patient’s condition and prognosis.” That is how Dr. Frank Astor describes WITHmyDOC, a software platform designed to optimize remote patient monitoring […]

Implement Triage Protocols for Virtual Care – A Best Practice

Virtual care gained popularity last year during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people were hesitant to go to the doctor’s office or other healthcare setting where they feared exposure to the coronavirus. Health systems and doctor’s offices quickly transitioned to telehealth and telemedicine to provide access to care. While telemedicine isn’t new, the pandemic surely […]

Salute to Physicians!

South Florida Hospital News – March 2021 By Frank Astor, MD, MBA, FACS,  Chief Medical Officer for WITHmyDOC March 30 is Doctors’ Day, an annual observance for acknowledging and appreciating physicians who we rely on and trust to make us feel better, cure our disease, and even save lives. The holiday first started in 1933 […]

Is Home the New Hospital?

MDLife – March 2021 By Frank Astor, MD, MBA, FACS,  Chief Medical Officer for WITHmyDOC. Changes in healthcare delivery have come about in the past year that likely would not have happened as quickly if it weren’t for COVID-19. During the pandemic, physicians and patients turned to telehealth and virtual care in lieu of routine, in-person […]

RPM Can Drive Better Cardiovascular Disease Outcomes

February is American Heart Month which encourages healthy living habits to improve heart health and to decrease the risk of heart disease. With heart disease being the number one killer in the U.S., its prevalence puts more attention on solutions to improve the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of this illness. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) gained […]

Is Home the New Hospital?

There are indications that ‘home’ already is the new hospital. Consider this: 1. Stories in the news recently about Mayo Clinic and other hospital systems have brought attention to the use of remote patient monitoring to provide care at home for some COVID-19 patients who otherwise would have to be hospitalized. For patients who test […]

<strong>Good News for RPM Providers:</strong> CMS Issues Revision of 2021 RPM Rules

CMS issued corrections on January 19 to the 2021 Physician Fee Schedule, clarifying how healthcare providers are paid for remote patient monitoring (RPM) and opening the door to improved reimbursement. The coverage was changed due to industry criticism following the December 2020 release of the final rule. Originally, in order to qualify for reimbursement under […]

Physician Burnout: Relieving Some of the Stresses of Our Job with RPM

MDLife – February 2021 By Frank Astor, MD, MBA, FACS,  Chief Medical Officer for WITHmyDOC. As physicians, most of us can relate on some level to provider burnout. Long hours often due to inefficiencies in the work environment, electronic health record (EHR) stress, complicated patients, poor work-home balance and more…we’ve all probably experienced some it and […]